Dermatology clinic software

Bet on specialized technology in the sector to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Optimize the daily management of your clinic and guarantee security, thanks to the digital signature of medical consents and GDPR. Establish a direct connection with them, make it easy to book appointments and always keep them On, with personalized follow-up. 

Dermatology clinic software

Boost efficiency and profits


Efficient management of the daily operation of your clinic.

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Track your patients in a personalized way.
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Ensure ecurity with the digital signature of medical consents.


Visualize your data and make the best strategic decisions.

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Features designed exclusively for your dermatology clinic

Smart private schedule for the doctor

Offer your medical team a private schedule, where they can organize and view only their appointments. 

Use smart appointment management, make it easy to book appointments online through app, whatsapp and social networks and maximize the occupancy and profitability of your schedule by sending reminders and notices to patients on the waiting list.

Smart and private agenda for the doctor
All your patients_ medical records in one place

Medical records, all on the same screen

Give your patients personalized care and follow-up. Use complete medical forms and Anamnesis to document your diagnoses and sessions in consultation. 

It records clinical notes on file, safely stores any tests performed and visualizes the patient's progress through photographs.

Ensure patient security and comply with the GDPR

Keep the legal documentation of your patients, both the GDPR and their consents, always up to date and digitally signed from your tablet or mobile. 

Securely store your patients' personal and medical information, communicate securely, inspire trust.


Features specific to your business

Cut no-shows
Full clinical history
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Anamnesis forms
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Safe medical documentation
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Booked from the app
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Personalized monitoring
CRM: nurture, manage, and segment
Specific data and KPIs

Testimonials from our health customers

What do customers say about flowww?

In these Success Stories, you will learn about our customers' experience of using specialized beauty software.

Raúl Llorca

How flowww helped him manage his clinics and take care of the relationship with his patients.

flowww FAQ

Do you have questions about the flowww digital ecosystem?

Here are some of the most common questions.

How do I contract flowww?

There are several ways to contract flowww:

  • Ask for a personalized consulting session, in which we will analyze your business and your specific needs, and we will recommend the solution that best suits your center.

  • Take a free trial of flowww for 10 days and get to know everything that specialized software can do for your business. During the trial period, a consultant will contact you and guide you through the contracting process.
What is the price of flowww?

In flowww we offer 3 different licenses, adapted to the needs of each type of business: 

  • A complete management of your center with Boss for $64 /month. 
  • Grow your business with advanced tools with Star for $107 /month 
  • Customize to the maximum the use of flowww and expand its possibilities with Legend for $182 /month 

 You can also add tools to your SaaS to boost the growth of your business. Get more information about our products and pricing here. 

I have more than one site, how many licenses should I purchase?

If you have more than one center and you want to implement flowww in all of them, you will need to purchase a license for each one. Depending on your needs and the type of tools you will use on a daily basis, you can choose one version or another. If you want to know more, contact us. 

If I hire flowww, what changes should I apply to my business?

You don't have to change anything! A specialized consultant will contact you to review your daily operations, understand your processes and see how flowww will help you optimize them. Together we will find the best solution for you. If you want to know more, request a personalized demo. 

I already have another software, how do I make the transition?

Once you hire flowww, an implementation agent will explain how to export the data to be able to migrate them with all the guarantees to flowww. So, when the time comes to implement the software in your business, we will have everything properly organized and prepared. If you want to know more, request a personalized demo. 

Can I integrate flowww with other platforms?

Yes, of course! With the Legend Plan, you will have the possibility to use APIs and integrate other platforms and external tools with flowww. This extended approach will offer you greater flexibility and functionality by connecting and synchronizing various solutions to optimize your experience and boost efficiency in your operations. If you want to know more, please contact us. 

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