Build lasting relationships with your patients and increase your revenue with flowww's crm software.

Manage the relationship with your patients, get to know them and anticipate their needs

Accelerate conversion with effective business management

With flowww's crm software, build lasting relationships with your patients through meaningful interactions. Make it easier for your sales team to manage and monitor contacts through:

  • Business calls
  • Booking appointments
  • Creating bespoke quotations
  • Managing uninterested or postponed contacts
intelligent segmentation of your bbdd with flowww crm
intelligent segmentation of your bbdd with flowww crm

Get to know your database with smart segmentation

Segment your database to understand who your patients are and what their needs and preferences are with crm software.

Use this information to create your ideal patient profile and design an adapted treatment and product offer. Identify sales opportunities and define objectives to make an impact with tailored marketing campaigns. 

Use all this information to anticipate your patients' wishes and to launch the best actions to get more appointments, achieve their repeat business and drive sales.

Nourish your database to achieve your business goals

Marketing Enrich your patients' files with relevant information

With flowww's crm software, engage patients, take care of them, and turn them into satisfied customers.

Get more patients through personalized forms, which you can share on social networks, web, whatsapp or email.  

Identify the input channel and the campaign impacting them to optimize your recruitment strategy.

improve your patients records with relevant information

Access your marketing results in real time and optimize your campaigns

your marketing campaigns always under control with our crm

Your campaigns under control! Increases its effectiveness and performance

Improve strategic decision-making, with incredibly accurate data on any marketing action you take.  

With flowww's crm software, master the data on your campaigns. Rely on a full ROI report and measure the return on your marketing investment. 

It establishes specific KPIs covering patient type and information on the costs of acquiring contacts and the income generated.

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