Raúl Llorca, podiatric clinics

Raul Llorca is success story with flowww

Raúl Llorca is a podiatry professional with over 18 years of experience. He opened his first clinic in 2007 in Ondara and then the second in Oliva in 2020.

Passionate about innovation, Raúl has the latest diagnostic and podiatric treatment technologies in his clinics, as well as his own system for making personalized insoles and products.

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How flowww helps you manage your clinics and patient relationships.

flowww, the management freedom and flexibility that Raúl Llorca needs.

Regarding his experience with flowww, Raúl, for example, highlights that:

"It helps me to manage the schedule of both clinics on my own. I don't have a person sitting next to the phone on the premises waiting for someone to call. If I am not in the clinic, my phone calls are diverted and with just two clicks with the flowww application I schedule patient appointments myself as they call. "

Some of the advantages of flowww are:

  • Flexible schedule management. You do not have fixed working days in each clinic, so you can organize your schedules and appointments as you wish.

  • Digitized billing and activity statistics, one click away. With flowww, you can view the evolution of each clinic and both, have data such to hand such as the number of patients and treatments performed, as well as updated billing and sales reports.

  • Databases shared between the two clinics. Regardless of the clinic to which his patients go, Raúl has his files and records at hand, guaranteeing greater flexibility and comfort, as well as personalized attention.

  • Direct communication with the patient, thanks to flowww connect. Raúl Llorca with a branded app from which his patients schedule their appointments and receive reminders and follow-up messages. In addition, it gives them the option of re-scheduling their appointments upon receiving the SMS with the appointment reminder. On the other hand, it highlights the advantages of working with the online appointment through any channel.

  • Greater ease in strategic decision-making. flowww provides you with data that you can analyze in great detail. From winning new patients, to the sales of products in stock and the most demanded treatments.

  • Management, signature and storage of informed consents, from the tablet with flowww me and from your patient files in flowww.

Online Schedule

These tools ensure smart appointment management and rigorous customer service that is both swift and personalized.

Booking appointments

Your customers request an appointment and buy their treatments online, from the branded app, your web site and social networks.

Online Booking Management

Dermasana customers can already confirm, re-schedule or cancel their appointments upon receiving the reminder.

Commission system

Dermasana has set up and automated an incentive system for its employees.

Statistics and Reporting

These give employees access to accurate data on the business' performance and let them carry out comprehensive real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this, employees can send personalized emails and push messages that fit the customer profile.

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