Dr. Yasmin Clinics - Aesthetic Medicine

Solid growth, saving 50 minutes in your daily operations

Dr. Yasmin Clinics has become a project with a stable development and a steady national expansion in recent years supported by flowww.

We offer them a scalable technology that unifies their processes and boosts the profitability of their business, allowing them to focus on growth. 

Caso de éxito - Clínicas Dra. Yasmin

Clinicas Dra. Yasmin is an aesthetic medicine business, founded and directed by Dr. Yasmin Al Adib (Medical Director) and Simón Planells (General Manager), which already has more than 5 years of experience and 3 clinics (Ibiza, Seville and Almendralejo). 

To achieve its goal of increasing business and boosting profitability, Dr. Yasmin Clinics has decided to turn technology into its main ally.


IndustryAesthetic medicine
Size3 clinics

How flowww helps you achieve your efficiency and profitability goals

Dr. Yasmin stresses how important it is for their business to have software that allows them to query data quickly and efficiently. Thanks to flowww, they can access their results in real time and have a complete overview of the overall profitability level of their business and of each of their clinics.

Regarding their objectives and future projects, Simón Planells, General Manager, comments that flowww is a tool that adapts perfectly to our growth and expansion rate and allows us to offer perfect patient care at all times.

Efficient agenda management

With a smart agenda they can access comments and tags on appointments. In addition, they keep it optimized, thanks to appointment reminders via WhatsApp.

Connecting with the digital patient

Facilitating online appointments via Google My Business, WhatsApp, web and Instagram allows them to maximize agenda occupancy and deliver the perfect appointment every time.

Marketing at full power

Automating your marketing helps you save up to 50 minutes a day and helps you to provide personalized patient follow-up, build patient loyalty and keep them coming back.

Medical history, just a click away

Providing physicians with fast and secure access to key patient information allows them to personalize care and ensure patient satisfaction. 

Guaranteed data security

To ensure patient safety, they keep all their medical and GDPR consents digitally signed from the tablet and available for consultation.

Results, in real time

Their statistics and reports allow them to understand how each area of their business is performing and make the best strategic decisions.

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