Master each area of your business with management, marketing and data software.

Transform the operation of your businessand achieve your objectives

Smart Schedule 24/7for your digital audience

Make it easy for your patients to book appointments online from any channel and device.

Maximize the occupancy of your schedule with smart appointment management, which crosses availability and skills to always offer the perfect date.

A specialized schedule in aesthetic medicine, beauty and health businesses with visuals by doctor and information about the appointment.

integrated smart schedule for your digital customers
customized products and services with flowww saas

Your commercial policy, tailored to the needs of your business

For your business to be successful, it is vital that you apply a business policy that understands how sales are made and the services you offer the patient.

With the flowww management software, you can structure your offer of services and products, vouchers, packs and subscriptions to boost sales, both in the clinic and in your e-commerce.

Patient record card withthe information you need

  • Offer a wholly-personalized experience to your audience, thanks to a patient file that allows you to get to know him in depth. 
  •  Store and manage all your patient data securely in one place. 
  • Access the information you need, through a dynamic history of services and products, medical documentation, quotations and much more.

patient chart always up to date with flowww saas
medical consents signed by your patient are always available flowww-saas

Your patients' consents, always signed and up to date

Keep all your patients' medical and legal documentation in order with the flowww management software.

 Ensure the security of both patient and the clinic, with the digital signature of medical consents, Anamnesis and even GDPR compliance. 

Register your signature from your cell phone or tablet, either at reception or in a cabin, with all the privacy you need.

Professional team and organizedproductivity

Keep your team engaged with your patients' satisfaction and your business' success with the flowww management software. 

  • Optimize the daily operation of your team, from the organization of daily work, to the control of schedules and shifts
  • Stimulate their commitment to the objectives of your clinic and measure their productivity, through a full commission system.
employee schedules and shifts always available
stock control always present with our saas

The stock of your trusted brands is always optimized

Manage suppliers and orders in one place, and keep your inventory of products for sale and internal consumption up to date. 

Do not miss any sales opportunity, adding to your stock based on the slots taken in your schedule. 

Most importantly, it ensures the security of your patients, yielding full traceability of the products you use.


Control your business with an online billing module.
100% secure

  • Streamline your daily accounting, know your level of expenses and income and keep detailed control of your patients' payments.
  • Keep your business accounts always up to date with smart billing.

online invoicing module with flowww saas

Drive your results
with specialized marketing

Campaigns, promotions 
and exclusive actions

Differentiate yourself with specialized marketing in the sector, which helps you connect with your patients, boost your profitability and grow your business.

Achieve your goals by launching campaigns, special offers and exclusive actions to improve your brand positioning, spreading the news about your new treatments and products so you can win more patients and boost your sales.

create exclusive campaigns with our marketing module
automate your marketing with flowww saas

Marketing automation: save time, drive your success

Turbo boost your marketing, triggering automatic actions, based on the behavior of your patients. Use over 27 filters to intelligently segment your database and always reach the ideal patient at the right time.

Automate the sending of welcome, follow-up, and loyalty messages with tailored recommendations. Keep your patients active and ensure their repeat business.

Loyalty Programs: drive sales and repeat business

For a business to be successful, it is vital that:
70% of turnover
comes from repeat business.

With the Points Program in the flowww management and marketing software, you can go beyond the allocation of points for consumption. Reward repeat business, drive cross-selling, and set up special rewards.

In addition, you can encourage their participation in your ‘Invite and Win’ program and turn them into referrers.

loyalty programs available

Design a business strategybased on incredibly accurate data

Visualization of results in real time

Data is key to understanding how each of the areas of your business work.

Get it with the management, marketing and data software of flowww and its over 60 native and personalized statistics and reports, linked to the activity and average spendng of your patients, to the occupation and events in your schedule, and of course, to billing and sales, both global and broken down by category.

real-time data for decision making
Business Intelligence to streamline decision making

Business Intelligence technology to streamline decision-making

Take your strategy one step further and access advanced analytics tools. Make queries to MySQL to manage your database, extract information of interest and always keep it optimized.

Make the strategic leap you need, integrating Business Intelligenceplatforms. Transform and interpret your data, analyze your business intelligently and get the key information to make the best decisions.

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