Design an omnichannel experience with your booking and sales management website.


Boost your omnichannel strategy and take advantage of digital traffic to connect with your audience

Make it easy to book appointmentsfrom any online channel

Turn your online channels into a 100% efficient online appointment capture engine, by sharing your booking calendar on your website, social networks, whatsapp or email.

Reach a wider audience, maximise your opportunities 
and get a full schedule effortlessly thanks to your booking and sales management website!

booking appointments from any online channel
register your patient quickly and efficiently

Register your patient and give them 
the information they need

It all starts with the patient record. Collect your personal data and comply with the GDPR, thanks to a complete registration form.

As the patient interacts with your platform, they will be able to consult:

  • Booked Appointments
  • Purchases made
  • Accumulated Points

Connect and interact with your patients through the channels they use most

Strengthen your connection with the digital patient

Leverage flowww's booking and sales management website to get the most out of your omnichannel strategy. Take advantage of digital traffic to connect with your audience and always keep them On.

Share, link and insert the personalized URL with your brand in the online channels that your patients are already using: web, social networks, whatsapp and email. Enjoy the advantages
of having an app, in a web environment.

connect with your audience with the marketing module on flowww web

Take advantage of your virtual storefront to increase your sales and reach a wider audience

increase your brand visibility and your sales with flowww-web

Boost your brand visibility and sales

Make the most of your flowww booking and sales management website and offer your patients the possibility to buy online. Share the link on your online channels and sell to a wider audience.

  • Make it easier to sell your products, vouchers, and treatment packs through your e-commerce.
  • MIt guarantees the attendance of your patients, speeding up the advance payment of appointments and the payment of deposits when booking certain services.

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