Reduce last-minute no-shows and cancellations with the flowww appointment management software.

Say goodbye to empty slots in your schedule, allowing your patients to manage their appointments

Give your patients freedomto re-schedule their appointments

Your patients may have unforeseen events at any time. Offer them the freedom and flexibility they are looking for by managing their appointments and deciding on them without them having to call your clinic. 

Send them automatic appointment reminders 24 hours before their visit, through whatsapp or SMS, giving them the option to confirm, cancel or re-schedule their appointment for another date and time, through the flowww appointment management software.

Reschedule appointments from any device
Manage your schedule with flowww book

Ensure a full schedule and cut no-shows

Empty slots means lost revenue. Cut no-shows by sending a reminder with the option to confirm or alter the appointment.

By confirming their appointment, the patient agrees to attend, helping ensure you always have a full schedule. If an appointment is cancelled or re-scheduled, another patient will get the chance to take that slot and so keep your schedule optimized.

Manage your schedule smartly and thus maximize profitability.

The technology that finds the best slot on tour schedule

Patient-perfect bookings

It has an smart schedule, specialized in the needs of the sector and designed to always offer you the best available slot. 

To give your patient the perfect appointment the schedule takes into account several parameters: the characteristics of the service, cabin, equipment and materials required, as well as the time availability and skills of the professional.

Using the appointment software avoids overlaps, unproductive spaces, and waiting for your patients.

Notice of available slots in your calendar with flowww book

Sell more and speed up the payment for appointments, thanks to your branded app

Smart appointment reminders with whatsapp

Smart appointment reminders, now through whatsapp

Send appointment reminders to your patients and offer them scope to manage their reservations quickly, letting them say in the same message thread if they wish to confirm, re-schedule or cancel their reservation. All in one click and without having to leave whatsapp.

Leverage the unbeatable open rate of  98% whatsapp messages and the flowww software to boost the efficiency of your appointment reminders and your patients' commitment to the clinic.

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