123 Mobilité Clinics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

123 Mobilite is a flowww Success Story

123Mobilité is a physiotherapy and comprehensive rehabilitation business. Company led by Óscar Odriozola, since December 2012 together with the investment fund Stella Maris Partners and a team of talented therapists and doctors, headed by Iván Almazán and Dr. Jorge Garza.

This is a company committed to providing specialized medical services in rehabilitation processes, giving patients personalized treatment, which improves their quality of life and helps them successfully return to their ordinary activities.

SectorPhysiotherapy - Rehabilitation
Size8 centers

How flowww helped Mobilité take the right strategic decisions for its business growth.

A step forward in the digitization process of 123Mobilité with flowww.

According to Óscar, the day they had more than one branch, they began to see "the need to be able to control their business with the support of technology". Their goal was to have fast, secure information so that they could make the right decisions for their business growth.

So it was in 2020, coinciding with the opening of their new branch in Guadalajara, that they discovered flowww and decided to take the plunge. They soon realized that flowww would change the way they operate their business,  offering them “security, veracity and speed in obtaining information to make the right decisions, instantly.”

At the operational level, Odriozola tells us that the reception staff, doctors and administration have adapted perfectly to flowww and are happy with how simple and safe this administrative platform is. In addition, they also get an immediate view of the financial situation of each branch, from cash registers and cash flow. He also points out that it helps them "forecast occupation levels and business volume, thanks to an excellent reservation system, which shows changes and operations at each branch".

On the other hand, at the strategic level, working with a technological partner such as flowww helps them make decisions more safely and reliably, and quicker.This is because the system lets them "consult the right reports at the right moment, make analyses, and forecast the likely behavior of each operational field".


What other tools are vital for your daily work?

Above all, he highlights the role of customized reports and reports. In this regard, Óscar notes that, as CEO, flowww gives him everything he needs to run the business well and to take decisions that will make it grow.

His favorite tools are "the opening and closing reports, because they help me plan for and see how the next few days will unfold" and the profitability report, where he can "see how the business is behaving in real time and carry out detailed monitoring of those data that most contribute to the company and drive its success".


Online Schedule

These tools ensure smart appointment management and rigorous customer service that is both swift and personalized.

Booking appointments

Your customers request an appointment and buy their treatments online, from the branded app, your web site and social networks.

Online Booking Management

Dermasana customers can already confirm, re-schedule or cancel their appointments upon receiving the reminder.

Commission system

Dermasana has set up and automated an incentive system for its employees.

Statistics and Reporting

These give employees access to accurate data on the business' performance and let them carry out comprehensive real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this, employees can send personalized emails and push messages that fit the customer profile.

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