Connect with your patient through your booking and sales management app, always keep them On.


Your branded app to deliver
the digital experience your patient is looking for

Offer online appointments 24/7
from your favorite device

Bookings per app grow by 40% each year

Digital change is today. Get new patients and fill your appointment book with your branded app.

Streamline the booking and management of appointments 24/7, giving your patients access from their cell phones and letting them choose the services they want, as well as to choose the day and time they prefer to visit you.

Book your appointment online from any device
app for your center

Your audience can't imaginelife without apps

Give your patients the option of consulting and managing everything in one place:

  • Appointments scheduled from your booking and sales management app for the coming weeks.
  • Your history of purchases of vouchers, packs or products. Thus, they will be able to view the treatment sessions they have already consumed and those that are still available.
  • Points earned on your purchases and in reward for loyalty and repeat business.

Ensure a direct link with your patient

Display your brand
on their cell phone

With your branded app, you will increase the reach and visibility of your online business. This will let you reach a wider audience.

Communicate immediately with your patients, sending messages with appointment reminders, special offers, and information of interest.

your brand always present on your customers smartphones

Sell more and speed up the payment of appointments, thanks to your branded app

accelerate your online sales with flowww-app

Boost your online saleswith full e-commerce

Use the booking and sales management app with your brand as a platform to make it easier for your patients to buy and pay online.

  • Use e-commerce to sell your products, vouchers, and treatment packs. Inform your patients of its content, properties, recommendations for use and conditions in complete product sheets.

  • This facilitates the advance payment of appointments, as well as the payment of deposits when booking certain services.

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