Medical software with digital tools designed to facilitate the professional's work.

Optimize consultations with your patients with a complete digital medical record

The key information for effective patient follow-up

Having a clinical history in your medical software will allow you to document every detail of the treatment performed.

  • Add clinical notes at each visit to record the patient's status and response to the procedure.
  • It marks and consults the areas treated during the treatment with innovative medical sketches.
  • Visualize the progress of your patients and the results of your treatments through follow-up photographs.
clinical notes and patient photographs all in one place
medical documentation of your patients always with you

Access to your patients' medical documentation, one click away

Boost and personalize the care you offer your patients, streamlining the collection, storage and consultation of their medical data.

  • Rely on a full Anamnesis form to document the health status of your patients. Make the most of the time with your patient during the consultation!
  • View a history of the consultations and treatments covered by each doctor and use this information to offer the best service at each visit.

Digitize management with flowww medical software, make the jump from paper to tablet!

Your management is also optimized incabins

Feel the same as when you were working  with paper but now with a powerful digital tool. With the Treatment Session, you can access all the features of the medical record from the tablet.

It manages the patient's history, makes clinical notes, marks the areas treated in the sketches, records the follow-up photographs and accesses the medical forms.  

patient history with flowww doctor

The digital signature of medical documents,vital for trust and security

digital signature of medical documents with flowww-doctor

Your patients' personal and medical data, 100% secure

It complies with the GDPR regulations and streamline the work of your medical team, showing them the medical forms and Anamnesis they really need, through the flowww medical software. 

To ensure the safety of the patient and his data, keep medical consents and legal documents properly stored and digitally signed.

In addition, you can set access permissions to your patients' medical information only for authorized professionals.

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