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Pulsazione, Laser Hair Removal Centres

Pulsazione is success story with flowww

Pulsazione has been present in the Italian market since 2008, with the aim of revolutionizing the beauty sector, offering its customers aesthetic treatments at affordable prices.

Currently expanding, Pulsazione specializes in hair removal treatments with IPL E-Light, cavitation, pressure therapy and radiofrequency, among others.

SectorAesthetics - Laser Hair Removal
LocationSpain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia

How flowww helps the company take full control of its centers in real time

When they started, they did not have management and marketing software, specialized in aesthetics. They were looking for a system that would let them improve the overall management of all their centers and obtain a detailed view of the health of the global business and of each center, in particular.

Before, they managed their client portfolio with an Excel sheet and managed it with a crm — a combination did not give them what they needed. According to Roberto Scarafia, CEO of Pulsazione, "It was very hard to quickly control everything happening in each center and to know the performance data on each one and on the company as a whole." In addition, they wanted to be able to communicate with their customers in a faster and more effective way, through an exclusive channel.

Since 2017, each Pulsazione center has been running with our management and marketing software. So now the company can keep track of each center's activities and results, get a detailed view of the situation of the whole business, and of each center in particular, better manage its customer base and communicate with them in a simpler, more direct way, all thanks to an app personalized with the Pulsazione brand.

According to Scarafia, "Right from the outset, everything was quick and easy, from the configuration and implementation of the system in each center, to service and technical support."

As CEO of Pulsazione, Scarafia highlights the way flowww seamlessly fitted in with the nature of his company and focused on customer care and offering products to the general public.

Likewise, it is equally important to have the most innovative technology, to offer a high quality service and unbeatable treatment to its customers at affordable prices, and to have a system that lets them control the whole sales process: from appointment requests and their management, to the sale itself and the analysis of the results obtained, and through the entire process of winning, retaining and monitoring customers. Each piece of the puzzle is important.

Now, Pulsazione is able to analyze the evolution of each of its centers, because it has all the data it needs at a mouse click, thanks to flowww statistics and reports.

Given that their centers are spread over 9 countries, the fact that they can segment their audience by country, tastes and needs, lets them create personalized marketing actions tailored to each customer profile. Being able to create marketing campaigns, aimed at different types of customers, helps them both maintain a constant stream of new customers and keep their old ones loyal.

The company now has a system that offers reliable data in real time, allowing it to keep track in real time of everything that happens and how each of its centers is working. 

Online Schedule

These tools ensure smart appointment management and rigorous customer service that is both swift and personalized.

Booking appointments

Your customers request an appointment and buy their treatments online, from the branded app, your web site and social networks.

Online Booking Management

Dermasana customers can already confirm, re-schedule or cancel their appointments upon receiving the reminder.

Commission system

Dermasana has set up and automated an incentive system for its employees.

Statistics and Reporting

These give employees access to accurate data on the business' performance and let them carry out comprehensive real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this, employees can send personalized emails and push messages that fit the customer profile.

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