Manage stock in a centralized, smart way Scale your business with stock management software.

The stock of your clinics isalways optimized and updated

Efficient order management, quality in distribution guaranteed

Lean on the flowww stock management software to optimize the management of your product inventory and offer the highest quality of service to all your clinics.

  • It controls the stock of the plant and of each clinic precisely, guaranteeing the agility of product orders and shipments.
  • Mobilize stock needs based on your schedule occupancy and place automatic orders. By forecasting the use and sale of products, you will have everything you need to care for your patients.
manage your orders efficiently
one-click ordering from your suppliers

Orders to your suppliers, in one click

Have your own catalog of trusted suppliers and link it to the products for sale and internal consumption available in your stock.

With the flowww stock management software, keep track of your inventory and place automatic orders with your suppliers based on your needs. Speed things up and lessen oversights. Take advantage of every sales opportunity and always offer the best service, thanks to smart stock management.

The traceability of your products,from the factory to your clinic

Ensure patient safety, keep a detailed track of the traceability of the internal consumer products you use in your clinic.

The flowww stock management software controls, records, and stores product batch and expiration date of the products used during a patient's treatment. The data is recorded and stored in the patient's history.

When registered and associated with each patient, you can always consult this information and have it at hand if any problem arises with the product used.

traceability of your products with flowww stock

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