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Condiode, Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Medicine

Condiodo is success story with flowww

After 10 years of experience in the laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine sector, and founding fifteen centers throughout Spain, Condiodo made the leap to Mexico at the end of 2022.

In addition to laser hair removal with high power diode methods, its services also focus on minimally invasive but highly demanded aesthetic medicine treatments, such as rejuvenating facial treatments or lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

SectorLaser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Medicine
SizeOver 15 centres
LocationSpain and Mexico

Why did Condiodo centers implement flowww?

Since its foundation in 2013, Condiodo has worked with flowww, a software that helps them manage their daily work and draw up marketing actions. Thanks to this system, all its centers maintain full control of their schedule, as well as a close and personalized relationship with each client.

As the Solidarity Administrator of the Condiodo centers comments, working with flowww means having a complete, easy-to-use software that is highly effective. Similarly, flowww allows all Condiodo centers to manage and organize their stock, ensuring that the requisite products are always available.

"We opted for flowww as a management and marketing system because other clinics had spoken very highly of it and, as we already knew how to work in the aesthetic sector, we had no doubts. We were sure that this system would facilitate our daily work."

At the same time, the Condiodo team highlights the assistance given by flowww, which is always ready to help and to quickly solve any problems.

Online Schedule

These tools ensure smart appointment management and rigorous customer service that is both swift and personalized.

Booking appointments

Your customers request an appointment and buy their treatments online, from the branded app, your web site and social networks.

Online Booking Management

Dermasana customers can already confirm, re-schedule or cancel their appointments upon receiving the reminder.

Commission system

Dermasana has set up and automated an incentive system for its employees.

Statistics and Reporting

These give employees access to accurate data on the business' performance and let them carry out comprehensive real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this, employees can send personalized emails and push messages that fit the customer profile.

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