Dermasana – Laser Hair Removal Centres

The digitization process of Dermasana with flowww

Dermasana is success story with flowww

Dermasana is a laser hair removal business with 10 centres in Madrid, founded and run by Andrés de la Torre.

With over 10 years of experience, Dermasana has a very clear vision: to give the customer the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Under this premise and a successful strategy, it has become a leader in laser hair removal and a successful, growing company.

SectorAesthetics - Laser Hair Removal
Size10 centers

How flowww helps the company improve its operations, marketing, analytics and customer relations

Regarding his experience with flowww, Andrés said "I had known about flowww for a long time but it was during COVID lockdown when we decided to switch from our old crm to flowww". For them, the key was not to rest on their laurels and instead, take advantage of lockdown to improve many aspects of their business.

Online Schedule

These tools ensure smart appointment management and rigorous customer service that is both swift and personalized.

Booking appointments

Your customers request an appointment and buy their treatments online, from the branded app, your web site and social networks.

Online Booking Management

Dermasana customers can already confirm, re-schedule or cancel their appointments upon receiving the reminder.

Commission system

Dermasana has set up and automated an incentive system for its employees.

Statistics and Reporting

These give employees access to accurate data on the business' performance and let them carry out comprehensive real-time analytics

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this, employees can send personalized emails and push messages that fit the customer profile.

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