Push notifications: an infallible communication tool

> Push notifications: an infallible communication tool


Now that tablets and Smartphones are taking over computers, beauty salons need to adapt and start using these new forms of communication. Today, we would like to present you with a powerful and effective communication tool via which you can communicate and interact with your clients: push notifications. Basically, push notifications are messages that are sent directly to Smartphones and/or tablets which notify users when they receive new messages. The difference is that they don't actually have to open the app which the content contained in the message is connected to.

Push notifications: are they really a direct channel of communication between you and your clients?

Thanks to push notifications, you can guarantee that your clients receive all the information you want: appointment reminders, offers, special promotions, events etc.. Moreover, why not congratulate them on their birthday, or wish them a happy Christmas. With this new tool, you will manage to build customer loyalty with your clients.

Below, we have provided you with 6 reasons why push notifications are an excellent way of communicating with your clients.


1.They are received in a flash.

Push notifications are the tool of the moment because your clients can see them immediately, but they are also less intrusive than a telephone call. On average, we tend to check our emails a couple of times a day, but when it comes to pushing notifications, you don't even have to open the app; all you have to do is pick up your phone. This immediate communication with your customers is fundamental.


2.They are effective

According to a study made by Urban airship, push notifications have an open rate of between 40 and 60%. These figures are extremely high when compared with the open rate of an email campaign of about 20%.


3.They provide you with the information you need to know without having to ask for it.

The best thing about push notifications is that you don't have to go looking for the information you want, because you receive it immediately on your mobile. You can inform your clients about timely promotions, offers connected with their previous purchases and updates about treatments and products.


4.They are free!

Text messages can increase the cost of your bills considerably, unless you have a flat rate of unlimited messages contracted via your telephone company, whereas push notifications are free.


5.They are interactive

Instead of connecting you via a web link, push notifications will take you directly to the application page where the correct action can be taken at the touch of a button.


6.You can segment your clients

Divide your app users into groups in which all users have similar needs. Send personalized messages to each group according to their characteristics to ensure that they are directed to satisfying your customers and their needs. Identify segments of users based on the following data:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Interests
  • favorite treatments


Manage your push campaigns with FLOWwwer

At FLOWww, we know that our users hold a great deal of interest in smartphones and realize how important it is to directly reach our clients, so, for this reason, we have developed FLOWwwer; a mobile application that will help you attract new clients to your beauty salon.


Thanks to this new app, you can create and organize marketing campaigns in a simple manner by using the FLOWww system. You can automize how you send messages by programming the content in advance, such as segmenting users and setting the time and date of when you would like the messages to be sent.


Use FLOWww's message Editor to prepare and pre-visualize your message content. Once the campaigns have been programmed, the platform will take care of the rest automatically.


When your clients receive push notifications, they will be taken directly to your FLOWwwer profile, and in a matter of just a few clicks they will be able to book their next appointment.


Without a doubt, because of how direct they are, and their high reading percentage, push notifications is a great marketing tool that will truly help your clients remember you and get to know the updates at your beauty salon. Don't hesitate to start building customer loyalty with your clients via FLOWwwer!

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Push notifications: an infallible communication tool

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