How to protect your clinic's most important data

> How to protect your clinic's most important data


Due to advances in technology, many traditional administration methods have been replaced and businesses have been obliged to venture into the world of computers, Internet and social networks.

In the past, effective marketing for business owners involved pinning up an eye-catching sign on the door of their establishment in order to advertise their special offers. Nowadays, marketing your business is a complex process taken on by a group of professionals who define and choose your target market for you. Taking care of administration tasks, which was previously done by jotting down information in a notebook or diary, now involves using a powerful software which is capable of administrating all aspects of a business.

Amid a whirlwind of information and the pressure of keeping up with the competition,  beauty salons and clinics search for solutions within the world of technology without having any in-depth knowledge on the topic. Although all businesses need to be present online where they can sell their products and services, they often don't know how to use the tools available to them to their best advantage, or what type of precautions they should take to protect themselves. At this point, in order to solve your problems, you may think of asking a person you know, such as a neighbor, friend or family member who knows more about computers than you do. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make! The Internet leaves you vulnerable and you could accidently let other people access your personal information. It is difficult enough to protect our own privacy, let alone the privacy of all your clients too!

Leaving the storage management of your data to a non-professional could not only result in the exposure of your clients' telephone numbers, names and addresses, but also photos, videos, passwords, account numbers, but also any other of your company's information.

In the same way, a non-professional could unintentionally eliminate your business's data that has been stored over the years. Could you imagine opening your business one morning to find that all your data has been lost and you don't even have the telephone numbers of your clients?

Personally organizing the technical side of your business is a good opportunity to learn, but time is not always on your side, and  by only dedicating a small amount of time to this task could have negative results and provoke serious errors.

Security copies, also known as backup copies

Due to the importance of the security of the information that your company generates, on many occasions, counting on the backup of an online management software can turn worrying about any technological drawbacks into your own peace of mind.

To begin with, it is extremely important to respect the Data Protection Law by transmitting data in encrypted form, exactly as banks do. Do you trust your bank's online platform? If so, then you should also trust an online management system which transmits data in the same way as an online bank does.

Security copies, also known as backup copies, save all the information you have in your system. Ideally, these copies should be made on a daily basis, allowing your company's most important data to always be kept safe. If you use an online management system it does all of this work for you. So, by contracting an online management software, if  your computer decides not to switch on tomorrow, take a deep breath and access your system online from any device with an Internet connection and you will find everything just as you left it the day before.

Another advantage of an online management software is that it restricts the access of specific features to nondesignated users. Nobody can see what you don't want them to.

Give the storage of your business's data the amount of importance it deserves in order to avoid any loss of your business's essential information. 

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