Ideas for decorating your beauty salon

> Ideas for decorating your beauty salon



The key pillar of your business is the quality of the services and treatments you offer and the staff you hire at your clinic. However, the design and decoration of your beauty salon is what will capture the attention of potential clients.

Good installations that tie in with the design of your beauty salon are essential. For this reason, if you want to set up a beauty salon or reform the one you have, this advice on decoration will come in very handy and will help you avoid any decoration disasters.


Decoration tips for beauty salons


If you have a shortage of space at your beauty salon, choose custom-made furniture.


If your premises is small, custom-made furniture will help you save space. You will be able to personalize your furniture and adapt it to your premises and also choose the material that best suits you. You can choose the finishings to go with the equipment and color scheme at your clinic.

What you need to take into account first are the measurements, as it is important to know how much space is taken up by equipment. Secondly, knowing the function of each item of furniture is fundamental, whether it is to separate areas or store away products....

Visual dividers

When your salon is open plan, and serves as many places in one (reception, storage room, waiting room...), a good thing to do is create visual boundaries which can create a certain amount of intimacy when it is required in a particular area. Use screens or curtains to separate different treatment rooms and a shelf to separate the reception from the storage room.

Glass is a great resource

A fixed glass panel which reaches the ceiling can be used to separate off the rest of the beauty salon without it affecting the lighting or the spatial perception. This will also make your beauty salon appear much more spacious: Decorating without cluttering.

Convertible furniture

Convertible furniture has many interesting uses, and, at the same time, it saves on space. A dashboard that converts into a table, or a coffee table which in one movement can rise to the height at which you can work at are examples of how convertible furniture works.

Play with colours

When choosing colours, you need to keep in mind what type of beauty salon you are running, and what type of clients you expect to have at your clinic. Play with the colours of the walls. Leave the walls white if you want your clinic to look hygienic, light green if you a want more relaxing ambience, and yellow if you want to recharge your clients' energy.

If you would like some more tips on how to decorate your clinic, click on this link. And, if you have any more decoration ideas to add, don't hesitate to share them as a comment attached to this post. They would be much appreciated.

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Ideas for decorating your beauty salon