9 tips on how to manage your clinic efficiently

> 9 tips on how to manage your clinic efficiently


Management skills are different to those of a beautician. Like with all businesses, the worries include choosing and decorating your premises, training your staff, inventory control, your finances, winning new clients and later building customer loyalty with them...the list seems never ending! The good news is that you can count on tools such as our marketing and management software FLOWww, in order to efficiently manage your beauty salon. In today's post, we will provide you with 9 tips that will help you keep focused on the most important aspect of your business: your clients.

Advice on how to manage your beauty salon

1) Plan the design of your business premises well

The design of your premises is very important when it comes to catching the attention of possible clients. You should take into account the organization of space, lighting, and furniture in order to create a design that facilitates your work...As well as this, a waiting room with a WiFi connection, magazines, a TV, water and coffee machines will make your clients' wait much more pleasant. Remember that both the internal and external image of your beauty salon are equally important. You can find decoration tips for your beauty salon by clicking on this link.

2) Do plenty of research on marketing and investment and return

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest trends within the beauty industry. You should also be aware of the possible investment and return on each treatment. Stock control along with the registration of incoming and outgoing stock greatly influence the well-being of your business. You also need to know which treatments generate the most profit in order to invest in and promote them. The statistics and reports FLOWww provides and the tools such as the cash flow tool are fundamental for keeping all of these numbers under control. Knowing how to negotiate with suppliers so they give you a discount is also crucial. And, don't forget about the golden rule: never mix personal and business finances.

3) Keep control of your beauty salon's appointment book.

Our FLOWww system counts on a visual and user-friendly appointment book. Furthermore, thanks to the new app FLOWwwer, your clients can make appointments at your salon at the touch of a button! Your FLOWww system will automatically register all your appointments and you won't have to worry about anything.

4) Know your clients well

Efficient management of clients will help you get to know your target market thoroughly, their preferences, favourite treatments, contacts, birthdays, interests etc..With all this information at hand, it's possible to create personalized marketing actions for your clients, and offer them promotions that will interest them and encourage them to invite their friends to your clinic. Let your clients know how special they are to you and make a great effort to keep them.

5) Avoid waste: reduce and reuse

Control the quantity of products used, such as creams, shampoos, conditioners, and resources such as water and energy. Create awareness campaigns for your staff and avoid wasting energy by using simple rules such as always drying towels outdoors whenever possible, or turning off the water and lights when they are not being used. Moreover, always buy energy efficient appliances that use less energy. Click on this link if you would like to know how to reduce waste and improve the running of your beauty salon.

6) Pay close attention to hygiene and cleanliness

The hygiene of your beauty salon is fundamental because it is related to the health of your staff and clients. Provide your staff with a professional looking and impeccable uniform, which represents a clean, fresh image. Furthermore, make sure they always have clean and tidy looking hair that is always tied back, and that they wear natural looking makeup and no false nails. All of these small details make a difference. Hygiene and personal cleanliness say a lot about your beauty salon.

7) Control your stock

A good manager of a beauty salon only uses top quality products and knows exactly what enters and leaves the stock room. Don't accumulate large amounts of stock, because this represents stagnant capital. Make a realistic revision of your necessities, supervise the expiry date of your products and use good suppliers. Periodic stock inventories are a must. In order to obtain efficient inventory management, you can count on tools such as those which FLOWww provides, as these will inform you when a product is about to run out, and will present you with data and reports which will keep you informed about all your products. This information is essential.

8) Look after your team; prepare and motivate them

A good boss listens to their staff, thinks about their training, their quality of life and makes an effort to motivate them. The productivity, concentration and commitment of your staff depend greatly on this. In the case of industries such as the beauty industry, it is even more important because your staff have direct contact with your clients. Boost good results at your clinic by investing in your staff's professional growth via training them how to deal with clients, and create a relaxing atmosphere which will facilitate dialog. This will make a difference.

9) Communication is the key to good sales

Warren Buffet, who is considered to be one of the greatest investors in the world, speaks about the importance of communication when building a company's reputation. A manager should acknowledge that investing in communication will never be superfluous, as long as it is well planned and directed towards your business goals. You can communicate with your clients via social networks, mobile, mail, the internet, advertisements, or marketing actions. Make yourself heard in order to be seen and remembered. Marketing actions are essential for winning clients and building customer loyalty with them.

Did you like these tips on the management of your beauty salon? FLOWww's job is to help you organize the marketing and management of your beauty salon

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