Increase product sales using the Point Program

> Increase product sales using the Point Program


The Points Program is known as a tool used for building customer loyalty, but today we're going to introduce you to another of its benefits, a more competitive one: product promotion. When was the last time you launched a campaign or took action to promote the sale of one of your products or treatments? If your answer is never, or a long time ago, this article will be of great interest to you!

How can I choose the products I want to promote?

Before you start to prepare a promotional strategy, first you should analyze the product or service you have chosen. Primarily, you need to identify what your least sold products are. The objective of the points program is to promote these products and make them sell, in order to maintain an even cash flow.

How can I launch my promotion?

Before launching the Points Program associated with your chosen product, it's necessary to determine this product's strong points so you can find the best sales arguments. Furthermore, you should research your target market so you can aim your promotion at the people who will be most interested in buying your product or undergoing your treatments.

How does the Points Program work?

By rewarding your clients points every time they buy this specific product, you are promoting it.
The process goes as follows; when your clients either undergo a treatment or buy a product you are promoting at your clinic, they are rewarded points they can save up. Once they have enough points, they can exchange them for new products or treatments and, if you wish, they can even use them as a form of payment at your beauty salon.

Your FLOWww system automatically generates points during the billing process so that you don't have to worry about anything. The only thing you have to do is decide what amount of points your clients will receive, and which product or treatment you want to promote.

What about you? Have you used any other tactics to promote your less sellable products, or increase the sales of all your products? If so, tell us about it, we'd love to know!

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Increase product sales using the Point Program

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