How to create your beauty salon's visual brand identity

> How to create your beauty salon's visual brand identity


A company tends to be judged on the appearance of its brand mark. For this reason, you need to create an attractive visual identity for your beauty salon that transmits the right message.

You need to choose a style that suits all types of visual communication connected with your beauty salon, ranging from printed to digital material. If you want your clients to recognise your company, you'll need a well-designed web page, and professionally printed material to strengthen your visual identity. Once this has been established, this strong identity will help define your beauty salon, differentiate it from the competition and build brand loyalty.

How can I design my visual brand identity?

Be clear about the main message you are trying to get across before you start designing. Give your visual brand identity the same attention you gave to your business plan. Define a strategy that clearly indicates your ideas and objectives. Use these ideas as "Keywords" and start to look for any design elements or images that reflect these concepts. For more information on how to design your company's logo, click on this link.

Less is more

A clean and elegant illustration is capable of immediately transmitting an idea from a distance. Choose images that adapt to your visual style and contain an original element that stands out. This way, it will be impossible for your clients to forget your brand.

Research your competition

Always keep up to date with your competition's movements. What are they doing right, and what could they improve? Which brands (even those from a different sector) do you admire, and why? Is there any way of emulating what's been done well without becoming an imitator?

Define your corporative values

Define your beauty salon's values and personality through typography, photography, illustrations, colour and design.

Be constant

Whatever style you choose for your visual brand, make sure you maintain honesty and consistency. The visual elements you use should reflect a connection with your brand, otherwise you will risk creating a disconnection between your brand and the experience, which may weaken your clients' trust in your company.

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