Customer Loyalty: The Refer a Friend Program

> Customer Loyalty: The Refer a Friend Program


We know you like to keep up to date with the best marketing promotions and techniques in order to use them at your beauty salon and increase customer loyalty.


The Refer a Friend Program

Now we bring you an exceptional promotion, which works amazingly well, both for keeping the customers you already have, and captivating new ones; the Refer a Friend Program. 


With this program you can let your clients win prizes, for example, when they refer friends to your clinic, you can offer them special promotions to reward them. Both you and your clients win. 


You can also offer your clients special offers and vouchers for referring new clients to your clinic, for example, you could give them a discount off their next appointment, or you could reward them with points which they can use to buy beauty products after they have referred a certain amount of friends  who book appointments at your clinic. 


The Refer a Friend Program is full of incentive, seeing as you will encourage your clients to bring their friends to your clinic, as they know they are receiving some type of reward, such as a type of beauty product, a free treatment, or a discount off such. 


This program has been used for a long time now in many clinics and beauty salons, and it is still being used because it is effective in bringing in new clients to your clinic. Why not try it at your clinic? 


You can launch this program by using cards which your clients can fill in at your clinic, providing you with their friends' emails, so you can incorporate them in your business's database via social networks, for example


As mentioned above, you don't need to offer discounts off products or treatments every time your clients refer their friends to your clinic, you can reward them with points which they can use when they have a certain amount of points accumulated.


As you already know, it is important that you regularly use marketing techniques in order to keep your beauty clinic on the front line. This is something we will never stop reminding you of. 


We hope this post has inspired you to create the best Refer a Friend Program possible for your beauty salon, and that it has also encouraged you to do weekly promotions. 


We would also like to remind you that we have the best tools for managing your beauty salon. All our work is aimed at improving your business's performance. 


For this reason, we would like to invite you to visit our web page, and, if you wish, ask us questions about the management and development of your beauty salon, with no commitment required. We would like to once again remind you that our efforts are aimed at improving your business. 


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